Your Point of View: No Opinions or Popular Words | Letters

This newspaper blatantly regurgitates the party line of the press.

You would think that after living here for a thousand years, they would have learned something, people change channels, but like a good soldier, they keep trying…. after all, it’s all the rage. On second thought, that might give them too much credit.

On Friday, October 8, they published the liberal Associated Press talking points with the headline “Report Details Trump’s Total Attempt to overturn election results.” What joke. It’s selling the new insurgency stuff, you know, what used to be called a protest of normal pissed off people, the Constitution encourages people to protest. If you research the think tank authors (Jalonick Tucker and Long) who wrote the article, you will get the impression, like me, that they are the problem, with the so-called press – which does not. not reporting, but giving his liberal opinions or the opinions of others, which is even worse.

I read the group’s posts on Twitter, understood where they had actually worked and where they had been educated. Sick. Getting back to my point, I wish we had a real press again, I miss those stinks. I read old public school history books like “Tennessee its Growth and Progress” by Robert H. White, 1947, and old newspaper articles just to get good news and the press and it’s amazing that that’s really going on around us today that we’re missing.