The Simpsons: How Bart Becomes a Prophet

In Season 16’s “The Father, Son and the Holy Star”, it was hinted that Bart Simpson would eventually become a religious icon.

For a show stuck in a time window for the titular family, The simpsons teased the eventual fate of the actors and the world around them in various ways. This includes a religious conflict with a family member at the center of a war that unfolds long after the show ends. The simpsons once presented a flashforward that suggested that Bart would one day be considered a religious prophet, and his teachings end up being at the heart of a post-apocalyptic war in The simpsons Season 16, Episode 21, “The Father, the Son and the Holy Guest Star.”

After being kicked out for a prank he didn’t commit, Bart is forced to attend a Catholic school. Although he was initially unimpressed with the teachings, he was eventually seduced by Father Sean (Liam Neeson) and became increasingly interested in the Catholic teachings. While Homer is also quick to join religion, Marge is more reluctant to have Bart and Homer become Catholics. Alongside Reverend Lovejoy and Ned Flanders, she tries to convince Bart to return to their church.

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Homer and Father Sean confront the others, but Bart manages to defuse the situation. He argues that instead of fighting for the different subsets of Christianity, they should come together, and he claims that the differences between them do not compare with the similarities. Initially, this ends the conflict and is a positive development for the people of Springfield.

However, the episode takes a thousand years into the future on the wreckage of the world. Two armies oppose each other and both claim to be the heirs to the legacy of Bart Simpson, who is now considered the “last prophet of God”. The two sides are revealed to have interpreted Bart’s teachings differently, leading to a full-scale war at the end of the episode.

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It’s a surprising conclusion to this The Simpsons episode, especially given Bart’s place in the world and how other episodes have painted his later years. Episodes that looked at Springfield’s future have hinted at Bart’s overall importance to the story, as he will eventually become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but it looks like he’ll become a figure as well. nun, with holy books written on her teachings. It further shows how important and influential Bart can be, even compared to his more impressive sister, Lisa. However, the religions in his name also hint at a tragic end for the character, who was previously suggested to die by committing a final prank on an old Principal Skinner.

One of the armies reveals that in their teachings, Bart was the last prophet of God, and he preached love and understanding until he was betrayed by his most faithful apostle – Milhouse. Bart’s longtime best friend apparently became the Judas of an entire religion and contributed to Bart’s death on a snowmobile. It’s a surprising fate for Bart in the long run, and it implies that even in the craziest future of the long series, a Simpson will have some significance in the world.

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