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Anthony Doerr’s “Cloud Cuckoo Land” (Scribner)

How do you follow the Pulitzer Prize winning works of fiction? If you’re novelist Anthony Doerr (“All the Light We Can’t See”), five separate stories, numbers, plus a fictional manuscript called “Clouds” owned by ancient Greek novelist Antonius Diogenes. Write a history of all connections over a thousand years. Cuckoo land. “

Does that sound a little cuckoo? It’s a little, but it’s also good in its ambitions. Doerr’s ability to juggle all the stories and put them together on 600 pages is a considerable literary feat. Like the teenagers named Seymour in modern Idaho, they help the supporting characters be very likeable, even when threatened by an eco-terrorist group.

One of the themes that Doerr explores, connecting them all in action, is the need for timeless nature and storytelling. The manuscript “Cloud Cuckoo Land” was found in a grave in a wooden chest of drawers. “Any foreigner should open this and learn what surprises you.” And at some point in life, every character does exactly that, the library, the stories they contain, especially the “cloud”. “Cuckoo Land”, a manuscript on the shepherd’s fantastic journey to empty utopia with the phrase Doerr, adopted by the true Greek playwright Aristophanes. “The text – the book – is a resting place for the memories of those who lived before,” the teacher told the young Anna from Constantinople in the 15th century.

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The passages from “Cloud Cuckoo Land” that we will learn later are translated by one of the characters in the novel and divide the story of each character. However, it is not important to sew the pieces of the manuscript together. The novel within the novel serves another purpose. It’s a story that gives each character the freedom to dream.

Herdsmen, like Anna and Omea, who were on the other side of the walls of Constantinople during the siege of the city, yearn for a better life without war or hunger. Seymour, an idealistic teenager in Idaho today, is angry that the forest, which he found heartwarming as a child, was destroyed for housing development. Zeno, 80 when we first met him, oversees the children’s play “Cloud Cuckoo Land” at the public library in Lakeport, Idaho. His story is his own novel – from the first orphans to the Korean War, he meets his life-changing fellow soldiers.

And there is a constant float on a ship in interstellar space in the 22nd century. Because his fellows made the earth difficult to live. Fortunately for her and for us, she has access to a supercomputer named Sybil. Sybil is essentially an unlimited virtual library that helps you organize your past.

If this all sounds a lot, that’s why. But it’s like a novel. And it’s a journey worth taking with Doerr like no other.

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Review: Anthony Doerr Dreams Big in “Cloud Cuckoo Land” | Entertainment

Review: Anthony Doerr Dreams Big in “Cloud Cuckoo Land” | Entertainment