Police investigation into ‘Sulli Deals’ case hits wall

New Delhi: After weeks of investigation into mobile app that allegedly ‘auctioned off’ Muslim women by uploading photos and personal information, Delhi police are far from a lead, Millennium Post told Millennium Post several officials familiar with the investigation, adding that a key response from GitHub, the platform that hosted the app, is holding back its probe.

A senior officer told Millennium Post that they have not received any information from GitHub yet, despite several calls. Photographs of these women were uploaded by an unidentified group to an app called “Sulli Deals” using GitHub. When asked if a reminder had been sent to GitHub, the manager replied that he had sent a reminder but had not yet answered questions about who was involved in building the app. Once they give them the answer, the police investigation should move forward.

“We can continue our investigation after they give us the details of this person who created this profile on the platform,” the official said.

On July 8, Delhi Police said that following a complaint received on the national cybercrime reporting portal regarding the Sulli Deals mobile app, a case under Section 354-A of the The IPC was recorded by the Cybercrime Unit on July 7. “As soon as the matter was registered, a notice was sent to GitHub to share the relevant details,” the official said.

But in studying cases involving coordination with foreign internet companies, authorities here often face multiple challenges.

Several officers, who have dealt with cybercrime cases related to breaches of women’s privacy and online security in the past, told Millennium Post that overseas-based websites are slow to respond and, in some cases, have to resort to pressure The machinery of the Indian government.

“These websites sometimes claim that Indian laws do not apply to them, so they don’t share details, so we have to take a longer route that goes through different departments,” the official said.

A second official said that most of the time it is unrealistic to expect a quick response from these companies. GitHub is headquartered in San Francisco, United States.

“We have seen this problem with foreign websites. In some cases they will give all the details we want, but there are websites that will only give a few details,” the official said, adding that the legal consultations often take a long time. .

In some cases, these internet companies have also told police that the details could infringe on the privacy of their customers, arguing in favor of withholding the information they seek.

An investigator said those who have been implicated in such cases are often motivated by the need for revenge. So they put pictures of girls, women on websites just to defame them. However, the profound consequences on the lives of victims are often lasting.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) first took cognizance of the media reports on the case suo motu and ordered the Delhi Police to take action, following which the criminal case was recorded.