Metropolis hero just joined DC’s most dangerous group

As battle lines form between Checkmate and Leviathan, a longtime superhero decides to side with Leviathan as the conflict escalates.

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from Checkmate # 4, on sale now from DC Comics.

Heroes of the DC Universe were deeply shaken when Mark Shaw – who previously held the superhero mantle of Manhunter – apparently went bankrupt and created the villainous character of Leviathan. Fed up with the DCU’s underground corner, Shaw set out to reshape the world in his own image, creating a headquarters on a remote island as he launched his grand plan by systematically beginning to dismantle intelligence agencies and covert organizations in the United States. DCU. And as Leviathan prepares for the next step in his plan, he has already recruited several notable villains and antiheroes for his cause, with his latest recruit being a longtime Metropolis superhero, the Guardian.

As a new checkmate is formed from the cross event fires Dawn Leviathan and Shaw’s initial rampage, Leviathan quietly began to expand his own plans by targeting the former Justice League facilities. After a confrontation with Green Arrow, his former villain Merlyn manages to infiltrate the Watchtower, the classic Justice League orbital seat that has since been abandoned after the team moved to its current seat in the Hall of Justice. Merlyn is accompanied by Guardian as they teleport inside the disused satellite base for an unknown asset to bring back to Leviathan Island. And in Checkmate # 4 – by Brian Michael Bendis, Alex Maleev, Dave Stewart and Josh Reed – The role of Guardian in Leviathan is exposed to the heroes as he and Merlyn quickly discover that the Watchtower is not as abandoned as they initially believed.

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Manhattan Guardian Checkmate

As Merlyn and Guardian investigate the Watchtower, Guardian hints that he joined Leviathan because he was ignored by the rest of the superhero community despite his years of service. For Merlyn, being in the Watchtower reminds her of how pious and righteous he perceives heroes, constantly looking at ordinary people to marry to protect and serve. This unauthorized tour is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Green Arrow and current Manhunter Kate Spencer, leading to an all-out brawl between the quartet of costumed characters. And while Kate and Oliver Queen push their two opponents into retirement, this victory ultimately proves to be short-lived.

It’s unclear which version of Guardian joined Leviathan, but the two main contenders could be Jim Harper’s clone or Manhattan Guardian Jake Jordan. Harper was cloned from the original Golden Age superhero, serving briefly in the Justice League before deciding to retire after the cataclysmic crossover event of 2010. The war of the supermen. The Manhattan Guardian was billed as a member of the Seven Victory Soldiers who fought valiantly in crusader events such as Infinite crisis and 52the climax Third world war. Since Guardian remembers facing the end of the world, this makes his identity as Jake Jordan the more likely of the two.

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Guardian man hunter

Green Arrow and Manhunter may have won the battle against the two Leviathan henchmen, but they appear to be losing the war. Guardian is seen waging an all-out attack on Checkmate’s new headquarters, with several of the heroes barely escaping their lives. And with this cheeky attack, Guardian has unmistakably crossed the hero-to-villain line, now siding with the Leviathan to take up arms against the community of superheroes he feels sorely rejected as Shadow Wars DCUs continue to escalate.

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