Hollywood remembers “Superman” director “Lethal Weapon” – deadline

Richard Donner, the director who launched Superman on the big screen and elevated the boyfriend movie to blockbuster status with Deadly weapon As part of a five-decade career as a film and television director and producer, died Monday at the age of 91. His credits included directing these iconic films in several genres of horror photography. The omen to children’s adventure tale The Goonies to a Christmas classic Shaved.

He was remembered in industry circles today for his dazzling laughter and kindness, along with his Goonies Co-star Sean Astin said, “What I felt about him as a 12 year old was that he cared about him. I love that he cares about him.

Steven Spielberg said, “Dick had such a powerful mastery of his films and was so good in so many genres. Being in your circle was akin to spending time with your favorite trainer, the smartest teacher, the fiercest motivator, the most endearing friend, the most loyal ally and, of course, the most. great Goonie of all. He was a very child. All heart. All the time. I can’t believe he’s gone, but his hoarse, warm laugh will always stay with me.

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Richard Donner passes away: director of “Superman”, “Lethal Weapon” and “The Goonies” was 91 years old

Mel Gibson, who became a world star thanks to the film directed by Donner Deadly weapon films, told Deadline that Donner was his “friend and mentor,” saying “He was magnanimous in heart and soul, which he generously gave to all who knew him.… I will miss him very much, along with all his mischievous mind and wisdom.

Here is what those who worked with him and were inspired by him. Keep checking back as we add to the list.