Does white privilege just cause further division?

There is an old maxim that goes back to pre-Christian times, divide and conquer.

Julius Caesar modified it to divide and rule better.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and to this current discussion of White Privilege, which is very important in a country like New Zealand.

According to emails published under the Official Information Act, the Education Ministry spent $ 700,000 to inform officials about this.

Those taking the course are apparently told that the recognition of white privilege recognizes New Zealand’s colonial history.

And he probes the impact of white privilege on society, both in the past and today.

Today, at AUT, formerly the University of Technology, they now have a professor on diversity.

Edwina Pio says white privilege is alive and should be treated with rational compassion, whatever that means.

Is it just me?

Have I come from a position of white privilege to suggest that when you tell someone that they’ve had a bad deal enough times enough, they’ll start to believe it.

Or is there some real truth in this concept?

Is white privilege something we’ve swept under the rug for decades?

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever felt the splitting up of our society to the extent that I do today.

And I don’t like it.

I don’t like that there seems to be an effort to pit New Zealanders against each other.

To divide us, to rule us.

Worst of all, I think it works and it begs the questions, why and what next?

And one more ; is it too late to stop these infighting, or have we already been won over?