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Credit / debit cards have become an indispensable tool for everyday life. So much so that many people have stopped carrying cash to make all their routine card transactions, whatever the type.

credit debit cards

Now, it is worth noting the different types of cards that we have at our disposal, since depending on our situation, it would be advisable for us to choose and not stay with the usual debit card. Check the maintenance interest, whether or not they have a points program, as well as the advantages in other establishments that you can obtain if you use any of these cards.

Credit cards

These cards are the ones that finance purchases in almost any establishment. In other words, the bank advances the money to us; it is a loan to the act.

It is a way to acquire anything without having the money at the moment. However, we must take into account what are the conditions of having one of these cards, such as if we pay in installments what we have spent or is returned suddenly in the following month, the interests (if any) for the financing, the maximum limit by which we can use them ...

Each bank has its own requirements and conditions , so the best thing to do is use a comparator and see the different types.

Loyalty cards

These are the ones used in order to encourage the user to buy in other establishments. The bank maintains agreements with these establishments and by using the card in question, you can obtain succulent discounts on flights, hotels, fuel, food ... They are interesting if you are a regular at some of the establishments where these discounts are offered for using a card of this class, so what better way to find out than to have them all together in our comparer.

Some loyalty cards also offer the possibility of financing when buying products. It is necessary to analyze the interest rates of this financing, since it could be the case that the costs of the operation are greater than the benefits that we have obtained in using this card.

Debit cards

They are the cards with which we will use our money in real time. Unlike credit cards, nothing we buy will be financed.

It may be that a debit card also has a credit limit . This is that, when we have spent all our money from the checking account, we can have an extra amount of financing.

Wallet cards

These cards are characterized by the speed with which they allow us to make small purchases. They are the popular "rechargeable" and there are those that are totally online or we also have them physically.

Thanks to the electronic chip that they have incorporated, the purse cards can be recharged in the establishments marked by each entity.

They are ideal for small transactions that require a higher speed than normal.

In some of them it also offers the possibility of financing your purchase, as if it were a debit card. As always, it is convenient to weigh the interest applicable in such financing.

Prepaid cards

These cards are not linked to any checking account. They will always depend on the money that we administer to them from another of our accounts, with a minimum and a maximum. They are usually electronic (they operate online).

They give high security in our online purchases, since when paying we will not give a card that is directly related to the bank account where we have all our money, but we must previously add the amount to our prepaid card and thus eliminate any risk latent in virtual operation.

Credit / debit cards for every situation

As you can see, there is a card for each situation and this does not exclude that you only have to have a single card. Depending on the type of bank account you have, you probably have different types of bank cards at your supply with which you can operate in your day-to-day life and, more so if you are a person who makes transactions very often. This is the case of the self-employed .
Our recommendation is that you take a look at loyalty cards, since they are usually normal debit cards but with the added bonus that they offer significant discounts in establishments that we also use very often. Thus, every time you use your loyalty card you will get points that can be exchanged for these discounts.

Before making any online contract, our advice is always to analyze the pros and cons of each card with the sole purpose of not getting surprises in a few days. Many of them require a period of permanence , maintenance costs, an annual interest for their use ... which we must bear in mind at any time.

The smartest way to act is at least to find out about the types of cards offered by the different banks, because if you are one of those looking for savings and quality of service, you will surely be interested in changing the type of credit card you have today in day.

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