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Here we put at your disposal all the types of bank accounts existing in the market; Payroll, remunerated or savings and current accounts. In them you can see the commissions, the minimum amount that must be available and if they have other benefits or costs. All this according to the entity you are addressing.

We all have bank accounts where we can use our money, but the main question is, what type of account to choose?

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That is why we have compared the best Accounts on the market for you, access with the request button and we will redirect you to the entity:

openbank logo
Open Account + Card
No Commissions or Expenses
Free Credit and Debit Card
No commissions or expenses
apply for

fan logo
Up to 60000 Euros
Repayment period: up to 8 years
REQUIREMENT: Open a Clear Account. They give you € 150 when you open it
500 - 60,000 €
apply for

bankinter logo
Bankinter Payroll Account. No commissions.
Available to new and existing customers. Max. Earn € 5000
5% APR first year. 2% APR Second year.
Valid for contracting 40,000 Payroll / Pension / Professional Accounts and 5,000 Non-Payroll Accounts.
Minimum income € 800
apply for

bankia logo
Up to 60000 Euros
Return period: up to 96 months
REQUIREMENT: Open Account ON. No commissions
€ 3,000 - € 60,000
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solvedudeuda logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 90% Success Cases
Up to € 250,000
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evobanco logo
Evo Account + Card
No Commissions or Expenses
Free Card (2 cards in 1)
You can request a loan up to € 50,000
Profitability 0.20% APR
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bbva logo
Bbva Online Account
Without domiciliary payroll
No commissions
Discount: Possibility of requesting credit.
Free cards
apply for

Obviously, depending on your entries and exits , as well as the financial level you have, it will be more or less convenient one or the other option, so it is therefore better that from the beginning you know which is the most appropriate and finally, compare them between the that are within the same category.

bank accounts

It is a difficult choice but thanks to the online information we have it can be much easier to make a decision.

Payroll accounts

These types of accounts are like the current ones but with the essential requirement that you direct your salary or pension . In exchange for this, there is a profitability (different in each bank) as well as better conditions compared to a current account; fewer commissions , occasional gifts, time-of-stay bonuses, free credit and debit cards ...

Of course, to maintain a payroll account you have to meet monthly income, which is marked by each bank. Otherwise, they usually request that a minimum of money be kept in said account so that it does not get suspended.

It is the ideal choice for employed workers with permanent contracts or pensioners. Currently there are some financial institutions that offer an Annual Equivalent Rate (APR) of 5%.

You can direct debit receipts and miscellaneous expenses in payroll accounts.

Paid or savings accounts

types of bank accounts Remunerated accounts differ in payroll accounts not to have a monthly income so they can be maintained. They usually offer the same profitability if a minimum of money is kept in said account.

The availability of money is immediate, but receipts, pensions, unemployment benefit or payroll cannot be domiciled in an account of this type. That you can have your money whenever you want is the star feature compared to deposits.

It should be added that the profitability is equal to or greater than that of a deposit and also provides the flexibility of having the money without any penalty, however, this superior return lasts a few months (stipulated by the bank). Afterwards, it is reduced considerably reaching levels below a traditional deposit.

Current accounts

These accounts do not offer any profitability to the user, but unlike paid accounts, the payroll, pension, payments and miscellaneous expenses can be direct debited, as well as having your money wherever you want through an ATM, checks ...

Some banks have a series of maintenance fees for these accounts, so it is essential to use a comparator in order to inform yourself in advance before the moment comes when we are charged unwanted expenses.

What type of account to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to keep in mind what income you have on a monthly basis. If you have a payroll and you know that in a few months you will continue to have it, it would be advisable to open a payroll account to enjoy the advantages in high returns that many banks offer you.

Now, you should keep in mind if in a few months you will continue to have income, since they force you to meet a time of permanence with said open account. As receipts and expenses can be debited in the same account, it would only be necessary for you to keep a single account open.

If you don't have regular income, you probably won't be able to enjoy the benefits of a payroll account. However, you can enjoy equal or higher profitability (in the first months) if you decide to open a savings account .

Unlike the payroll account, you will not be able to direct expenses but you will have a good remuneration for your money, in addition to the fact that, as we have said before, you have your money immediately. It would be convenient in this case to have two accounts, one paid and the other current, with which you would pay your direct debit bills.

All this is to the consumer's taste, but above all, we must have information on all the accounts that interest us and know, first-hand, if they have opening commissions, the requirements to maintain them, maintenance costs, if the cards that We request they are free or not ... All this to save as much as possible and lose as little money as possible, for this we look for accounts that give us a certain profitability.

To conclude and add greater security in your contracts, do not make any contract completely online without having called first or having read the contract from top to bottom. For the reasons that we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, it is the best you can do. Take your time and decide carefully, because at the end of the day it is your money and your savings.

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