Fast online loans on the spot

In Wttm Lenders we bring you all the fast loans that exist in the market, with payroll and without payroll, with income or without income. You just have to see the interest rates that apply, the time in which they process your application and the applicable requirements.

loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros
Returns from 91 to 120 days
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 96% APPROVED
100 - 3000 €
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crezu logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 5 minutes
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 120 days
100 - 1000 €
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tucreditorapido logo
Up to 9000 Euros
EVEN WITH Wttm Lenders
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork, 100% online.
First 7 days free, then € 37.99 if you don't cancel within 7 days.
€ 50 - 9000
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party credit logo
Up to 1000 Euros and With Wttm Lenders
First Free Credit
Term: 62 to 90 days
Without paperwork, without endorsement, with income.
100 - 1000 €
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vivus logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 15 minutes
To be returned in: 7 to 30 days
New clients: € 300 / Without payroll
50 - 1000 €
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loan logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
WITH Wttm Lenders
Return period: Up to 21 days
New customers: € 300 / No endorsement
50 - 1000 €
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debt logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 100% Success Cases
100% Success Cases
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evobanco logo
Evo Account + Card
No Commissions or Expenses
Free Card (2 cards in 1)
You can request a loan up to € 50,000
Profitability 0.20% APR
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misolvency logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 1 hour
Repayment period: up to 60 months
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED No paperwork.
€ 300 - € 10,000
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solvedudeuda logo
Cancel your Debts EASY and FAST
Over 28 years
Exit Wttm Lenders and request financing again
Free Study / 90% Success Cases
Up to € 250,000
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Up to 1500 Euros in 15 minutes
Return period: up to 6 months
Without paperwork, without endorsement, without payroll.
50 - 1500 €
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moneyman logo
Up to 1200 Euros in 15 minutes
RAI and Wttm Lenders ACCEPT
Return period: Up to 4 months
Without endorsement, with income
50 - 1200 €
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lend it logo
Up to 50000 Euros in 1 hour
EVEN Wttm Lenders
Term: from 1 to 6 years
Without paperwork, with income
€ 500 - € 50,000
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hello money logo
Up to 1000 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 100 days
Without endorsement, With income
100 - 1000 €
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microcredits24 logo
Up to 750 Euros in 10 minutes
Return period: Up to 92 days
Without endorsement or Payroll. WITH Wttm Lenders
€ 50 - 750
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gedesco logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 24 hours
Without payroll, car as collateral
You can keep using your car
Maximum Appraisal
€ 500 - € 5000
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younited logo
Up to 40000 Euros
To be returned in: from 24 to 72 months
From 5.18% TIN. Without Endorsement, with payroll.
€ 1,000 - € 40,000
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fedoro logo
Up to 10,000 Euros
Wttm Lenders ACCEPTED / 98% APPROVED
Repayment period: up to 60 months
No paperwork, 100% online.
Service Cost: € 3 poop 5 days. (If you cancel before 5 days, nothing is paid)
1000 - 10000 €
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finzmo logo
Up to 10,000 Euros in 1 hour
ACCEPT Wttm Lenders
Repayment period: up to 60 months
Without paperwork, without endorsement, with income.
€ 500 - € 10,000
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fintonic logo
Up to 50000 Euros in 1 hour
Return period: up to 90 months
Without paperwork, From 4.75% APR
€ 1,000 - € 50,000
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It is also important that you pay attention to choosing the minimum amount to request, to be sure of which company to go to.

Ask for your FAST CREDIT ONLINE and Compare fast mini-credits from financial and private lenders. Complete list of fast online loans available even with Wttm Lenders. -

Fast online credits

If you are unemployed, surely you are in a situation that limits your possibilities to process and obtain financing approval.

It is a contingency that generates difficult moments for anyone, since in those cases conventional banks tend to reject applications for a quick loan.

This is due to the lack of some requirements to prove financial solvency.

At this time, there is a quick solution that is growing as a wellness trend, since it allows you to apply for a quick credit online and also presents several options with which you can request and get that quick easy credit you need.

If you are unemployed you can also obtain financing in Quofin.

Among the options with the highest level of preference are fast and secure personal loans, which are a solution if you have a financial emergency, for which you will have to pay interest at a higher percentage.

They are a solution to obtain urgent money. Another fast and online financing alternative is instant loans, which you can also turn to to solve the urgent situation that you need to solve immediately.

Quick and easy credits represent a solution, since it is a way to not reject your credit application, arguing that your income is insufficient or that because you are unemployed you have no way of approval.

Characteristics of fast online loans

Among the main characteristics of this type of fast online credits we can highlight that they usually respond within a period of no more than 60 minutes, so you have to know if they will make us the loan or if we will have to initiate the application with another entity.

In general, they require few requirements and are very easy to verify, hence the speed in responding to our request since, in general, the quantities handled are relatively small, which makes the process less complex.

The forms are quite simple to fill out, since they only require the applicant's personal and financial data.

In some cases, they may request to send some type of additional documentation that allows us to verify the data provided and our identity.

Difference between fast credits and ordinary loans

The first thing to differentiate is the speed with which an urgent credit request is resolved. That is, from the moment you decide to request it until they give you an answer. without payroll and without properties,

If done by phone call, the response is immediate. You can also do it online, since all the companies that offer this financial product have a calculator on their own website where you can simulate your immediate online loans .

Once you've chosen the time and quantity, it's as easy as filling out a form and submitting it. In a few hours you will have your answer.

This is not the case in ordinary loans, where a previous study of your credit profile is carried out, the guarantees you propose, your money inflows and outflows in the last six months are analyzed ...

If you wonder why these fast online credits are so urgent, it is for the amounts that can be requested. They normally range from € 200 to € 3,000.

With a smaller amount, less risk for the financial company, so the requirements will obviously be lower than for someone requesting a loan of € 50,000.

It is not necessary to guarantee with a property or a bank guarantee, as it usually happens, simply having a source of income (no matter how small) and not being on delinquency lists like the popular Wttm Lenders is enough.

Necessary requirements to qualify for an urgent loan

When you want to request an urgent online credit, you have to provide the minimum personal information and legal documentation, which in most cases consists of data, such as:

  • Name and surname.
  • Birthdate.
  • Valid DNI / NIE.
  • Contact information, such as email, mobile phone; among others.
  • Current bank account number (For the transfer).

Then, you only have to inform the amount of money you request and the period of time in which you can return it. Afterwards, the system evaluates your request immediately. You must have your phone close by, as you will receive a message or an email with the approval of the easy and fast credits.

It is a common process in Spain that is simple and will help you solve your problem quickly.

When to apply for a quick easy loan

It must be borne in mind that these quick loans are also urgent in their repayment, that is, that the term is usually around 30 to 60 days (there are exceptions). With this, we must bear in mind that in one month we will have to pay the requested amount plus the applicable interest.

For this reason, it is not advisable to get into debt based on easy credits. It should be controlled that we can return them without delay (if there is, extra interest would be applied).

They are aimed at people who need immediate liquidity. This happens when an unforeseen event arises and we cannot cope with it with our usual income.

You must bear in mind that the interest rate will be higher, since it meets an urgency, is provided urgently and is returned in a short period of time.

Many are the families that use these mini fast online credits on a regular basis. Day-to-day life leads to the fact that on occasion we cannot cope with a repair at home or in our means of transport, the car.

That is when, at the click of a button, you can request a quick and urgent mini loan in just minutes , have it entered into your checking account. Whatever day it is, as these companies operate seven days a week.

Online loans on the spot

One of the great advantages that the internet has brought us is the novelty of being able to acquire different new credits on the spot and other services from the comfort of our home.

Thanks to online security protocols and encryption systems, we can even carry out banking operations and request financing services of all kinds.

Not many people know that most finance companies offer new credits on the spot of up to 1000 euros, although the normal thing is that the first new loan is for a maximum of 300 euros.

In addition, in many of the private lenders you will only have to return the requested amount, without interest or hidden commissions. They are very convenient if you are a person who needs money urgently and that you will be able to solve without problems in a period that usually does not exceed 30 to 60 days.

They are called interest-free loans .

This is how you can request up to 300 euros at 0% interest under the following characteristics:

  • It is almost always an essential requirement to be a new customer, since if this type of free credits are promotions to create a good relationship with new customers and retain them.
  • The times to return the credit without interest are short, and generally do not exceed 30 days.
  • The amount to request is generally around 300 Euros, although there are companies that offer you up to 800 or 1000 Euros to return without interest.
  • They are an incredible and very advantageous option if you need small amounts of money that you can afford without problems, but keep in mind that the next fast loan you request will surely have an additional cost.

Fast online loans without income

Quick loans without payroll are granted by private lenders to people who cannot prove with payroll that they have a regular income and do not require a guarantee.

Those most interested in obtaining an online loan without income are usually those who are unemployed or with low income, are self-employed or temporary workers, who form a very high percentage of the country's population.

The vast majority of Spaniards do not have requirements such as payroll or endorsement at hand, that is why immediate urgent credits have been devised, to give credit coverage to many people who deserve urgent financial support.

A payroll is a record that shows the salary you regularly receive for a job performed in a public entity, a company or a business.

These documents proving the fixed income of the people are used by traditional banking entities as a requirement that justifies that the applicant receives income that allows him to pay the urgent loan requested.

Even the vast majority of banks request the last three payrolls to assess the economic situation of applicants and ensure that they have the financial capacity to pay off or return the money borrowed on time.

How can you apply for urgent loans on Wttm Lenders?

If there is any financial term that stands out above the others, it is urgent loans. This type of financing is the most requested due to its urgency when providing funds to those who request it. Not only that, but they are characterized by their flexibility in handling requests.

creditos rapidos

For their part, they also constitute a financial product, which is very similar to the fast personal loans offered by classic banking entities. In this case, despite not needing payroll, justification must be given that it will be done with the money.

In third place are the instant online mini credits, which are different from the previous ones since they are immediate. That is, the request for the money is made, which is usually a low amount, and in minutes you will have the same in your account.

At Wttm Lenders we are committed to responsible financing, as specified in AEIMP (Spanish Association of microloans).

In short, these are the products that Wttm Lenders offers, where each and every one of them responds to a specific need and is much easier to obtain in this way than through traditional banking entities.

To request an immediate loan it is necessary that you comply with the following steps:

  1. Use the list of quick loans to get the one that best suits your requirement. It is important that you know its characteristics, details and super important both its advantages and disadvantages of each of the products.
  2. Click on the option "View Offer": when you make this option, from Wttm Lenders we will automatically redirect you to the official website of the lender you have selected, so that you provide your personal information in the form with which you start the process of requesting a loan on-line.
  3. Read your pre-approval and when you agree, sign the contract: when you receive the pre-approval of the contract, only your signature is missing in the contract, it is good that you read all the clauses first and if you agree with what is indicated, sign it and resend it.
  4. Receive the bank transfer with the money: in a very short time, you receive the requested money in your bank account. (In the account that you have specified in the application form, just a few hours before).

Fast online loans

Until recently, requesting a quick online loan or guarantee was impossible, given the exhaustive studies that banks carry out on the financial situation.

This is to evaluate if you have financial solvency, and you must comply with a complex administrative process with requirements and endless documentation. But, fast credits are the current solution to request urgent money.

In certain entities it is very easy for you to acquire fast loans without payroll online to finance your projects.

But, lenders do not have the goal of giving you money or trusting that clients will pay back their capital, even though they have no verifiable income.

In that sense, before approving one, they also evaluate your ability to pay to return the amount of the money borrowed. But, these online financial entities do not have the bureaucratic processes that apply to traditional banks.

In addition, they grant fast and reliable online credits, or documentation and you only have to present your ID as a requirement, since they do not grant blindly, but they do not run risks and you have more security that they will approve your loan online quickly much easier than in a traditional bank.

They cover your lower-value financing requirements, because their procedures are agile and they do not require paperwork to request them, which allows you to get your money immediately and without having to go to offices.

These online financial options have the advantage that they are made easy for anyone.

How are urgent online credits?

They are practically the same as the others that we get online normally.

The process is quite similar, and they only differ in that they may have a slightly lower limit , but this is only in some cases and it depends on the credit institution in which we are applying.

That is, we will find new urgent mini-credit options that generally range from 50 to 600 euros, although there are companies that offer 1200 euros , even more, as long as this is not your first loan.

The interest charged is usually 1% daily, so the sooner you cover your debt the better, and you will almost always have a 30-day limit to return it, taking into account that there are those who grant you up to 60 days or more.

About online loans on the spot

What we must take into account is that most institutions that provide fast online loans establish some conditions regarding our debt.

This aspect is very important, since most are designed to be returned in the short term, since the amounts do not usually exceed 300 Euros.

tipos de prestamos

This is how we can obtain an online loan on the spot safely and reliably as long as:

  • The total of our debt does not exceed 1000 Euros.
  • Debts are not towards cards.
  • Debts are not about financing.

Each lending company may have different and specific requirements, but these are generally the ones that are asked for. If your debt does not meet these requirements, you may need to look for another financing option.

Benefits of quick credits

Finally, it is advisable to highlight because it is the best option.

  • First, because of its speed. In minutes you can enjoy your money.
  • Second, because of the flexibility offered by the lender, much higher than that of any ordinary financial institution.
  • And thirdly, the few requirements that you must meet to request them.
  • It is the most recommended type of financial product in emergency situations such as imminent or unforeseen expenses.

How long does it take to take effect?

It can go from minutes to about 48-72h depending on where the money needs to go. Companies that offer fast micro loans usually have several accounts in different banking entities (the most used ones) so that, if you coincide in any of them, your income is effective in minutes.

Now, if your checking account is in another bank that does not have an account, it will take what a transfer from another bank usually takes, from 48 to 72 hours.

What happens if I DO NOT repay the quick loan in the agreed time?

Each company will apply one or another regulation, that is why they are private financial entities .

However, as we have said before, they are very flexible in the management of fast loans, so it is advisable to contact the entity directly if the situation arises that it cannot be returned. They are sure to offer highly rewarding alternatives for you and your money.

Keep in mind that, if you do not resort to contacting, extra interest will begin to be applied (depending on each company) as well as you can be enrolled in delinquency lists if you do not answer or take any action.

That is why we recommend that you speak with the lender to regularize your situation and adjust it so that both of you win.

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