Wedding loan: tips for a well thought out budget

For most people it is the best day of their lives. For everyone it is a topic of discussion: where, when, how … and especially how much. Getting married costs money. Solutions The wedding loan and our tips.

One of the best memories in your life but not for your wallet. Although … with a little creativity and courage you and your guests will experience an exceptionally beautiful day.

A marriage, a great project and a serious budget


Have you thought of all the cost items? Clothing, makeup, room, decoration, music, flowers, photographer, caterer, and … the wedding rings and the honeymoon. You will soon get € 10,000 for 100 people . That’s a lot of money!

Know that your guests are not awake. They especially want good food and … a nice atmosphere . Nobody cares how much that dress has cost you or whether the photographer is the best in Belgium.

What will be important to you? The atmosphere and … the honeymoon . So make sure that the two cost items are of a high quality.

How to reduce the cost of your marriage?


You can halve your budget with a little creativity and by looking at simple things. Dare to ask for help. Here are a few lines of thought.

Simple and original

  • The meal: at your home or a (high-quality) barbecue or a picnic;
  • The guests: a small group instead of all your Facebook “friends”;
  • Honeymoon: a romantic weekend instead of 10 days in Cuba;
  • The decoration: no flowers (think of the climate).

Renting (or reusing) instead of buying

Nowadays you can rent everything, with the exception of the wedding rings of course. Rent the clothes and accessories , the gazebos, the plates, the furniture, the camera …

Do it yourself or ask for help


You can roll up your sleeves yourself (or ask for help) for the dress, the meals, the photos, the decoration, the invitations …

On the internet you will find a lot of “Do it yourself” websites and videos. And also … why not work with the material that you already have?

A wedding loan

The goal is not to borrow large sums of money but to supplement the necessary budget (in addition to your savings or help from family) with a small credit.

From a certain amount and certain maturities, it is also possible to get a marriage loan with a favorable interest rate.

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