The loan for notary fees, how does that work?

Whoever buys or builds a home must pay notary fees sooner or later. That is a not to be underestimated bite from the budget, an amount that you may not immediately have at the time of the deed. Fortunately, there is such a thing as the notary loan costs. An overview.

The notary fees are an important part of your purchase or construction budget and an amount that you must put on the table quickly. What do you do if you do not have all or part of the amount? You are lucky: there is such a thing as a “notary loan”.

The notary fees loan helps you to buy the property of your dreams

The notary fees loan helps you to buy the property of your dreams

Have you found the house or apartment of your dreams ? Or have you signed an irresistible promotion for a future new-build home? And has your bank approved your mortgage loan ? That is fantastic news. Then you only have to visit your notary.

But oh well, the amount of the notary fees turns out to be a lot higher than expected … an unpleasant surprise . The notary fees are fixed rates that you cannot ignore but that you may not always have taken into account in your purchase or construction budget.

In addition, these costs must be paid in the relatively short term (after a few days in the case of a public sale). So do you have to put away your dream because you have too few resources? No, after all, you can get a loan to pay all or part of these costs.

What exactly do notary fees entail? In summary, they serve to pay the registration fees, the deed costs, the administration costs, the VAT and the fees of the notary.

The notary fees, how much are they for a mortgage loan?

The notary fees, how much are they for a mortgage loan?

When you purchase an existing home or a new-build home, you must pay notary fees, which depend on various factors such as:

  • the region in which the home is located;
  • the amount of the purchase;
  • the number of dependent children;
  • the type of residence (main residence or second residence)…

A tip: make a simulation of your notary fees on the website.

7 facts about the loan notary fees


Specifically, this is a form of mortgage loan with the objective of financing the costs associated with the purchase of a principal residence in Belgium (with a private share of more than 50%).

This loan has the following characteristics:

  1. possibly in the form of a mortgage loan without registration or guarantee on the purchased property in Belgium ;
  2. complementary to a mortgage loan taken out with any bank or credit institution (but not with Good Finance);
  3. can be a good solution as a supplement for your own savings or family money;
  4. allowed up to $ 75,000;
  5. repayable within a maximum of 10 years;
  6. used to pay the registration fees, notary fees, etc., in other words all costs that must be paid to the notary when purchasing real estate;
  7. deposited in the account of the notary of the buyer, 3 working days before the date of the deed.

This way you will be relieved of the worries that notary fees entail … and you will soon be able to set the date of your home warming .

For a simulation of your “notary fees” loan depending on your situation, contact Good Finance. Then look for a broker in your area for the further settlement of your credit.

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