Month: November 2019

Quick credit cards for traffic fines

Nowadays it is fashionable to take a selfie while driving. Also take the car without insurance or without having passed the mandatory technical inspections are the order of the day. And all this despite the harsh regulations of the General Directorate of Traffic, legislation that sanctions with fines of high costs and whose payment, sometimes, […]

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BKR registration? Borrow money with BKR registration

The abbreviation BKR stands for Bureau Krediet Registration. The BKR was established in 1965 to provide the Central Credit Information System (CKI). In this system all payment obligations of all Dutch consumers who have or had a credit in the last 5 years are recorded. Why is the BKR there? BKR ensures that the consumer […]

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Unable to pay a loan? Payment arrangement with bank

Are you unable to pay your monthly amount? That can happen. For example if you have to pay a large amount unexpectedly. Or temporarily less work.  Bankate offers two options: 1. You do not pay your monthly amount once. We call this a Time Out. View the conditions for this option at the bottom of […]

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