Month: September 2019

Take out a loan, alone or with two?

You often hear people say that banks only grant loans to the rich. Or that you have to be two to borrow money. You should definitely take such statements with a grain of salt. Naturally, every credit institution wants sufficient guarantees that they will be repaid in time. The more guarantees you can provide, the […]

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Wedding loan: tips for a well thought out budget

For most people it is the best day of their lives. For everyone it is a topic of discussion: where, when, how … and especially how much. Getting married costs money. Solutions The wedding loan and our tips. One of the best memories in your life but not for your wallet. Although … with a […]

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Personal loan

  Traditional loan The traditional loan with fixed repayment terms and a fixed interest rate, that is the personal loan. The loan usually has a higher interest rate than a revolving credit. But the interest is fixed, and with this, this loan form offers much more certainty than a revolving credit. For example, should the […]

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