Month: August 2019

The loan for the day: a poisoned solution; Payday Loan

Need money quickly and easily? At first glance, the pay-day loan may seem like a solution, but it can quickly become a trap. To get a loan in a bank, you need a good record and a lot of patience. In addition, bank credits are often medium-long term. But everyone does not need that. What […]

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A renovation loan for your garden

Great, after sitting inside for a whole winter, you can finally enjoy your garden! But then some freshening up has to be done first. Do you want to redecorate your court but unfortunately the money does not grow on the trees? Then start with fresh courage and unwind thanks to a renovation loan. A loan […]

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The loan for notary fees, how does that work?

Whoever buys or builds a home must pay notary fees sooner or later. That is a not to be underestimated bite from the budget, an amount that you may not immediately have at the time of the deed. Fortunately, there is such a thing as the notary loan costs. An overview. The notary fees are […]

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